2019 Idea Book
Idea #17F Fiesta Castle Pkg III
2019 Idea Book
Idea #21G-Fiesta-Clubhouse-Pkg-II-Spacesaver-Maxed-Out
2019 Idea Book
Idea #32D-Carnival-Clubhouse-Pkg-II-Loaded-with-Playhouse
Idea #52D-Rainbow-Castle-Pkg-II-Loaded-with-Wood-Roof
2019 Idea Book
2019 Idea Book
Idea #25G Carnival Castle Pkg II with Wood Roof and Lots More
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Exercise: Brain Boosting and Better Sleep


Some of the commonly-known benefits of regular exercise help reflexes and coordination, build muscle strength, healthy bones and lungs. According to WebMD, regular exercise can also help kids with "better thinking skills" and encourage a good night's sleep.  


Is there anything better than getting outdoors again after a long New England winter? We say, "No." We're grateful winter was much kinder this year. Best news, though; Spring is here!


It's even better when kids look forward to getting outside again and to daily exercise on their Rainbow Play System. Plan those play dates, birthday parties and crucial family time to get everyone outside to enjoy fresh air and have a blast on your awesome swing set.   

Try Before You Buy!


 Pack up the family and visit us in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. We'd love to have you stop by to play on our Rainbows.


We're the Uneven & Small Yard Specialists


When you bring the kids to play on the swing sets, it enables you to see exactly what size and model best suits your family. Is your yard small or the terrain uneven? No problem. Granite State Rainbow Play Systems is happy to work with you to design a swing set to fit your yard.  We're confident we have a Rainbow that will accommodate even the toughest yard problems.


Let Us Help with Your Future Needs and Plans


 It's never too early to plan for spring and summer outdoor activity, so request a catalog and price list on the Helpful Links tab.


Feel free to give us a call because we want to chat with you to discuss your future plans and needs











2019 Idea Book
Idea #77B King Kong Castle Package II in Green

If you'd like to design your Rainbow, like the ones below, we're happy to help your family customize a unit that perfectly suits your needs.

Front Right Side w/ Tube Slide & Extended Bubble Panel
Rear Left Side with Adult Bench

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