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Granite State Rainbow Services


Granite State Rainbow Play Systems is Family Owned and Operated 


25 Years Experience in Rainbow Sales, Installations & Complete, Dependable Service

Keep Your Rainbow in Tip-Top Shape

Before any of the services listed below are scheduled, we will need photographs of your Rainbow Play System so we can quote you a firm price for the service required. We do not provide “ballpark” figures.


Please email one or two photos which clearly show the swing set. Include your contact information and note anything pertinent to your request; it's extremely helpful if we know in advance if there are any specifics we will need to consider.


During Spring, Summer and Fall seasons, it gets super busy. Please allow an ample time-frame for work to be scheduled and performed.


*Important Note: We're proud to say we've been with Rainbow for 26 years now. All service work is carried out by our experienced Granite State Rainbow Play Systems' crews only. To ensure you're dealing with a member of the Granite State Rainbow team, please feel free to check with us. Call 1-800-RAINBOW or 1-508-845-5300.


Send all requests and inquiries to:


For additional information call: 1-800-RAINBOW or the Shrewsbury, MA office @ 508-845-5300


Warranty - All warranty is handled by the Rainbow Play Systems' Warranty Department at the factory.


Register your Rainbow -

You can contact Rainbow's Warranty Department at: 1-877-901-7625.


Granite State Rainbow Play Systems Services Include:



  • Inspections – Did your Rainbow suffer storm damage which requires an insurance claim? We can assist you with a set inspection and a written quote for your insurance company. Our inspection service is not limited to insurance claims.


  • Schedule a Rainbow Safety Inspection - Ensure your swing set's in good working order.


  • Maintenance – It’s important to keep your Rainbow in tip top shape. See warranty quote below:


  • Rainbow’s Warranty states; “… Failure to maintain the play system properly - including, without limitation and by way of example only, not staining the unit or not checking or tightening the hardware as specified in the owner’s manual - may cause the warranties described herein not to apply in certain circumstances."


  • We’ll tighten all hardware on the unit so your swing set is up to par.


  • Power Wash and/or Stain – Keep your Rainbow looking like new with a power wash and a fresh coat of stain. This aligns with warranty requirements, as well.


  • Disassembly and Prep for Your Moving Company – The Granite State Rainbow Play Systems' team is highly experienced in dismantling your Rainbow and readying it for a moving company. Please call our Shrewsbury, MA office at 508-845-5300, to schedule well in advance of your moving date.


  • Disassembly and Reinstall – Whether you’re moving across town or within our areas of coverage, which include Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine; our team will take down your Rainbow, transport it, and reinstall it at your new location, usually, all in the same day. We’re happy to make special arrangements if you need a swing set taken down on one date and reinstalled at a later date.


  • Across town or an In-Yard Move – Maybe you bought a new home just down the street and want to take the kids' Rainbow to your new house. We can help! Perhaps, you just need your Rainbow moved to another part of your yard. We can help you with that, too.


  • Buying or Donating a Pre-owned Rainbow? – Granite State Rainbow Play Systems will dismantle the unit at the sellers/donators location and reinstall at its new home. As with all our services, please follow the protocol at the top of this page.



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