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Commercial Line
Commercial Playgrounds

Rainbow Play Village® playgrounds "meet or exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Safety Standards for public playgrounds."

Commercial Playgrounds
Specifications for Design 2A
  • Number of Play Activities - 23

  • Ages - 2 to 12

  • Child Capacity - 24 to 30 Kids

  • Actual Unit Size - 22.5 fr L x 21 fy W

  • Actual Unit Height - 12.5 ft

  • Minimum Play Area - 34.5 ft L x 33 ft W

  • Overall Unit Weight - 3798 lbs.

  • ADA Accessible - Yes

A Rainbow redwood commercial unit adds a highly desirable recreational source to your school, daycare center, ski and vacation resort, hotel, apartment complex or development, community or public park, and campground.


It's beneficial because it's a healthy way to get kids motivated to play outdoors. Kids will have the opportunity to have fun while getting excercise. They'll also have a great place to go to socialize and make friends. 


The Rainbow Play Village Design 3B (above) was recently purchased by two different private schools in Massachusetts, because it meets all Massachusetts' criteria for outdoor playgrounds. 


We believe any playground in Rainbow's commercial line will meet with even the most stringent standards.


We'd be happy to discuss our commercial line with you. We'll answer questions you have concerning a playground that will best fit your longterm needs. We offer experienced guidance in choosing a commercial playground that will provide years of value. Give us a call or drop us an email.




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Rainbow Play Village 4C

Rainbow Play Village 2A

Rainbow Play Village 6A

Rainbow Play Village 7B

Rainbow Play Village Deluxe Sandbox

Rainbow Play Village 5B

Rainbow Play Village Toddler Swing

Rainbow Play Village Deluxe Picnic Table

Rainbow Play Village Swing Beam


Rainbow Play Village 7A

Rainbow Play Village 2B

Rainbow Play Village 1C

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